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Reach is measured from the end of the cab, unlike the center post as most makers do.To give you an idea, we’ve listed the specifications to provide an accurate representation.

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KUBOTA Diesel V1505

Main Dimensions
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)8'4" x 3'1" x 4'6"
Wheelbase2' 6"
Total Length of Track3' 7"
Platform Ground Clearance1' 3"
Platform Back Turning Radius2' 5"
Chassis Width3'1"
Track Width7"
Chassis Ground Clearance1' 3"
Track Height1' 1"
Operating Range
Max. Digging Depth5' 9"
Max. Vertical Digging Depth4' 6"
Max. Digging Height8' 7"
Max. Dumping Height6' 1"
Max. Digging Radius on Ground9' 4"
Min. Rotation Radius4' 4"
Max. Upgrade Height of Bulldozer Blade1' 2"
Max. Digging Depth of Bulldozer Blade10"

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